Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deanna Wiseman

How to Commission a Painting

 Thinking about having a portrait of a loved one or a painting of your special place? Give me a call and stop in for a cup of coffee and we'll talk about your memories and see where it takes us.

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Wiseman Graphics- Herndon, Pa

"A Long Nap"
Gib and Melanie Long
Millersburg, Pa.
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

"Playing Dress Up"
Collection of Dr. Carole. Patton
Millersburg, Pa
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

   Your Family History
Preserved in Art

"Cultivating the Melon Patch
People of the Soil Series
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics


"Raking Hay"
People of the Soil Series
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics


"Loading Hay"
People of the Soil Series
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

     Everyone has a story about their past. Maybe you remember staying with Grandma and Grandpa on their farm.  I still remember my Grandma and the smell of her powder after bath time. I remember climbing up into the big double bed after she pulled back the beautiful quilt she had stitched with her own hands.  Then she would knell beside the bed and read from her Bible and pray with me.

Copyright Wiseman Graphics
 Grandma is gone now, but there are treasured memories of her throughout the house. Crocheted doilies, old rolling pins, and dried hydrangeas above the cupboards that my Pappy made.

How to Commission a Painting

  I get phone calls from people who want to stop by my art studio and show me some old photos of their family farm or homestead.

 Together we reminisce about days gone by. The photos are marked with who the people are and the date. I document every detail so I can  accurately portray their life in the painting.

After I have spent time talking with my client, they issue me a deposit for 1/3 of the cost of the art work.  I work them into my schedule by creating a preliminary sketch.  

Later we have another meeting in my studio to discuss any additions or changes that should be made to the sketch before I begin the painting process.  When the preliminary sketch is approved another payment is made.  This whole process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the amount of detail and research required. 

 Upon completion of the painting I will meet with a very excited customer for their final approval. Many times this meeting can be very emotional because the painting may contain loved ones or special places that are no longer in existence. I have essentially resurrected images from their past.

Limited Edition Prints from Your Original Art

"The Old Meeting House" Pillow Pa.
Collection of Clair and Sandra Troutman,  Klingerstown Pa.
Copyright © 2010  Wiseman Graphics

Some people chose to take their painting to the next level by having a limited edition print created from the original art work. Now all the documented stories play a very important part in marketing the work to the public. My sister, Danelle Carvell is a writer who creates a press release describing the painting and the history behind it. The press release usually includes a release date explaining when my new Limited Edition Print will be available to the public. Then the phone calls come pouring in from all over the United States. People see the image and recall a similar memory of their own or they have some sort of family tie to the work of art. So the printed artwork is shipped in a tube or custom framed and delivered.

Creating your own "memory on canvas" is just a phone call away.  I would love to look at your old photos and make your memories a work of art.

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All artwork is copyrighted. Copying any artwork is prohibited under copyright laws.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Homestead Happenings

  "Walking on top of crusted snow drifts to get to the barn where I'm greeted by
my horse and the sweet smell of hay and oats. This is a childhood memory
I cherish."
Deanna Wiseman

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