Monday, February 28, 2011

A Meloncoly Monday

Grandma's rocker and a Landscape painting
done by my brother Ed Kieffer.
 After a long Monday morning of painting in the studio, I decided to take a break and head home for lunch.  I'm really tired today, so I made some coffee and had a seat in Grandma's rocker.  After a minute of sipping my coffee my eyes came to rest on the most treasured possession in the room, Grandma's antique sewing machine. I can still see her sewing pieces of calico fabric together to make a quilt for my daughter. I'm sure my Mother and my Aunt Evie put a few stitches in the quilt as well.

Grandma's sewing machine and our wedding photo album on the treadle.

A basket of purple iris and a teapot were gifts from my best friend.
Original wallpaper hung over 50 years ago by my Grandfather.

My nieces came for a sleep over on my birthday.
The only quiet moment I remember. This is the quilt Grandma and I made together.
 Grandma always had a quilt in the frame and whoever stopped in for a visit was welcome to try their hand at quilting.  Some of the most precious memories I have are those that were spent with my Grandmother.  Every room in this house has something to say about her meek, gentle spirit. I'm so glad that my daughter had time to learn things from her Gram the way I did with my Grandma.

"The Crochet Lesson"
My Grandma Clara Reed, Mother Charlotte Byerly
and Daughter Jenessa Wiseman (age 8)
Copyright © Deanna Wiseman


My favorite apple is Macintosh. Every fall when the leaves are at their peak, I have my in-laws over  for   our annual fall luncheon. I make apple pie and my sister's award-winning recipe "Potato Soup".

Soon it's time to get ready for Christmas.  This is my memory tree. It's decorated with Cinnamon Applesauce ornaments that my daughter and her best friend Mandy made many years ago.  Each has  a special meaning.  Most of them are hand-made by family and friends.  I'm so tempted to
leave the tree up all year.  It's the end of February and I still haven't taken it down.

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