Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tea at Grandma's House

There will always be something special about
being able to come home to Grandma's House.

 Being the oldest of 4 siblings, I have a treasure chest of memories that I go to when I'm ready to write about the past.  I remember sitting on the swing that hung from the big apple tree when we went to Grandma's house. Sometimes it was just my sister and I or my Mom and me.
Other times Grandma and I would sit together and talk.
There were always lots of cousins to play with too.

Time seemed to stand still when we went to see "Nana" and Pappy. I remember the warm sunshine breaking through the leaves overhead and the rhythmic sound of the chain rubbing against the bark of the tree as we swung back and forth into the breeze.  Summer seemed to last forever when we
were kids. My Grandma is no longer with us but my Mom is carrying
on family traditions like "Tea Time".

 Look at the door chime she made out of old serving utensils. My mother has a knack for creating something beautiful out of things that most people would consider useless. 

Looks like the door is open. Come on inside and I'll show you around.

My sister made pumpkin cheese cake. She loves to bake just like Grandma did. Grandma always had a cake or a pie ready to serve just in case company would stop by. My sister has her own recipes that allow us to indulge without the guilt.  She used applesauce instead of butter and low-fat cream cheese.

Mom remembers that Grandma always had fresh flowers on the table.

Using Grandma's antique china, mom created a Three Tier Serving Tray by stacking tea cups between the plates.  Egg salad and cream cheese finger sandwiches, grapes and Gold Fish crackers on paper doilies. Mom loves her lace curtains and table cloths.  Second hand stores are great for these things.

An old sugar bowl makes a great paper napkin holder.

Mom has a collection of cobalt blue dishes and antique bottles. She sprayed some branches white and hung blue Christmas balls on the branches. This beautiful arrangement stays up year round above the china closet.

There is something so special about drinking from Grandmother's antique china.  This was the sweetest cup of tea I've had in a long time.  Continuing a family tradition is a way to keep Grandma's memory alive. Her spirit lives on in my mother.

My sister brought this Victorian carrier filled with different teas.

My Grandmother started this quilt and left it for my mother to finish. Grandma did all the little blue x's and mom pieced it together and quilted it. I love the special touches she gave it. 

A YoYo and a button. What a unique accent!

So now you've had an "Afternoon Tea" at Grandma's house.
Please come back again. 
My mom is always creating something new.