Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sledding into the New Year

Sledding into the New Year
Commissioned by Dr. John Romberger
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

Time just seems to fly by. 2011 was a busy year.

The painting above the fireplace is one of 6 paintings completed
for John and Marge Romberger.

There is plenty of beautiful landscapes to enjoy just by looking out
over the mountains and Amish farms that surround their home, but
capturing their family history has always been a more
important part of their life.

"The Hill Church"
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

I first met John when I was commissioned by St. Johns Church
to do a special painting for the church's 225th Anniversary.
He was on the committee that decided what would be included in this work of art.
I took a photo from the corn field so the parsonage would be part of the painting.
When I took the photo it was fall and they wanted a snow scene.
So I just added the snow by using my imagination.

The print was used as a fund-raiser. Most of the prints sold very quickly,
providing the church with enough money to get started on an addition
which would include an elevator for elderly members to get to the second floor sanctuary.
Within less than a year the entire Edition of prints was Sold Out.

"Cultivating the Melon Patch"
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The first of the" People of the Soil" series was created from an old photograph
that was taken in the early 1900's by Johns father Ralph Romberger.
This is John's parents in melon patch.

"Loading Hay"
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The second painting was a painting of his father and a farm hand
loading a ladder wagon with hay.

"Raking Hay"
Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

The third painting was John's mother Carrie raking hay on an old hay rake.

"Carrie in the Kitchen"
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The forth painting was Carrie cooking on her cast iron, wood-fired stove.
The family cat was curled up on the worn linoleum where the sunlight
was coming in the window.

All of these paintings have been published as signed and numbered
Limited Edition Prints. The fifth of this series has yet to be published.
The original art is still hanging above the fireplace.

Copyright © Wiseman Graphics

An oil painting was created from the pastel painting.  I moved in closer on the subject
and captured the feeling of warmth that John described. He rememebers coming inside from
the cold to the smell of coffee and freshed baked pies and bread.

If you have memories that you'd like me to capture in a work of art,
tell me your stories and share your photos with me.